My life before fit2change? I was anorexic and addicted to cardio exercise, only eating 600 calories per day with little or no carbs, and weighing in at 6 stone 3lbs.

​I was put in touch with an NHS eating disorder clinic, but didn’t feel I was getting enough support, so continued to lose weight and exercise, until one day I collapsed while at the gym.

I wanted to get better but did not know how. I was put in touch with Andy from fit2change through my gym as I had asked for help with my nutrition. By fate he was a clinical nurse specialist who has a lot of experience working with anorexics as well as other eating disorders.

His knowledge on diet plans and exercise is second to none.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Andy; he has changed my life!

The support and advice I have been given, and commitment from fit2change has given me the strength to fight my illness, gaining weight in a healthy way, although we have had a lot of ups and downs on our journey together.

I now weigh 7st 8lbs and I have a healthy balanced diet. I have also been able to start exercising again.

My hope for the future? To win the battle and reach my target weight.


I had the great opportunity to invite Andy to present at a “Well being” event at Scarlet House care home in Stroud.

 Andy absolutely captivated the audience with a brilliant presentation on nutrition, supplements and exercise.

The content and delivery was perfect with the added bonus of Andy’s engaging sense of humour.

 I would highly recommend him to any organisation looking for a gifted speaker/trainer.



Fit2change has been a much needed positive influence in my life with regards to my general health and my attitude towards food. I struggled with my weight all throughout my teenage years and constantly dieted after bouts of bingeing which were triggered by my moods. Food left me feeling guilty and although I always exercised I never stayed to my perfect physique which led to me having pretty down times.

Since finding Andy from fit2change he has completely changed my diets and pretty much explained me to where a lot of my problems came from, which I never understood before; how food problems can be linked with past experiences, and the way you think about yourself.

I am now on my way to finally nailing my past problems with a diet that has been structured for my specific needs and schedule and it’s been a great help, I would’ve spent another good few years struggling with bingeing and dieting and feeling down about myself, now I have aims and goals which wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t received the help from fit2change.


fit2change. Their vision, your future