Nutrition Coaching

Any good nutrition plan should aim to achieve the three interlocking goals of good health, improved performance, and optimal body composition.

It is very common for a person with an eating disorder to experience issues arising from the diet they consume. Nutritional deficiencies and related illnesses can affect a bulimic or binge eater who overeats, just as much as an anorexic who under eats. Utilising many years of experience in working with eating disordered clients (anorexia, bulimia, ednos and binge eating), and supporting them to achieve balance in their dietary intake, fit2change can offer services around diet and nutrition, including:


  • ​Diet analysis, identifying problem areas and issues arising from eating disorder behaviours
  • Support and education on nutrition and supplementation, for example, structuring diet to help prevent binge eating
  • Guidance on reducing risks to long term health when eating a restricted diet
  • Support to find the most suitable approach for managing weight and body composition
  • Guidance on menu planning, even right down to shopping lists
  • Co-ordination of dietary intake with exercise programme, supporting clients to reach their goals
  • Support with staying motivated, and making worthwhile change to eating disordered behaviours

With our aim to make our services accessible to clients, support is available, in person on a one to one basis, remotely using online communication, or through attendance of one of our groups.

Expert opinion

From Dr John Beradi:

“Bottom line: Dietary deficiencies are very common. Chances are, you’ve got one, no matter how good you think your diet is. That’s a problem because when you’re deficient in key nutrients, your physiology doesn’t work properly. And when your body doesn’t work as it should, you feel rotten.

Energy levels, appetite, strength, endurance, and mood all rely on getting enough of these essential nutrients. When you don’t get them, things break down. That’s why you can eat “clean”, go Paleo, avoid meat, lower your carbs, or count calories – you can do “everything right” nutritionally – and still feel lousy.

You need to identify your red flags from the very beginning and start eliminating them, one by one.”

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Dietary Analysis

Fit2change uses a professional dietary analysis system, ensuring that all aspects of the nutrition service are completely accurate and up to date with all recommended guidelines. Combined with our expertise in eating disorders and menu planning we can generate user friendly analysis reports, recipes, food logs and menu plans; fit2change clients can learn about their dietary needs, identify issues, and make informed decisions on how to make changes to their intake. See below for some screenshots: