Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, specialised personal training, and nutrition coaching, fit2change offers individualised support with emotional issues around weight, shape and size.

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Eating disorder support

Maybe you’re struggling to gain or lose the necessary weight to be healthy, and your thoughts and feelings aren’t helping. fit2change offers individualised care and support to help clients reach their own recovery goals.

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Is over-exercise damaging your health?

Do you cancel social activities to go to the gym? Maybe you’re exercising more and more yet repeatedly falling short of your physique or fitness goals? fit2change can help. Call us today, and get specialist input.

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Concerned about possible nutritional deficiencies?

Hours of painstaking effort doesn’t necessarily lead to confidence in a menu plan and a reduction in anxiety. Are you worried whether your intake is right for your individual needs? Enquire about nutritional analysis and nutrition coaching today.

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Help with emotional eating

You know what you should be eating, but struggle to stick to your plans when emotions are running high. fit2change offers the highly acclaimed Understanding Your Eating Programme, created by Professor Julia Buckroyd.

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